About Us

Managing Director


Our success is firmly entrenched in our philosophy to form partnerships,collaborations and long-term relationships with clients who take advantage of our bouquet of manifold specialized services. We lead by example by following utmost methodical and proven process and lead by example. For that we have to maintain very high and stringent operating standards and match the needs of both the client as well as candidates.

We own the ship and do believe in never deserting the sinking ship too. Ownership means a Win-Win situation when you are with us. We aid in enabling people realize their potential and make dreams come true with a hands-on approach to everything.

Ravi Kumar. N. Chettur

We are one of the Leading HR Services Organization situated in Dubai and Ras al Khaimah (UAE), offering customer’s a continuum of services to meet their needs throughout the employment and business cycle.The Company specializes in:

  1. Recruitment Consulting Services for Oil & Gas Industry.
  2. Arrange Workable Funds for Companies/Industries through GlobalĀ  International Financial Institutions, Hedgefund Consultants & Investment Bankers.
  3. Providing Buyers with Russian/Iranian/Iraqi/Saudi Origin Petroleum & Gas from our Direct Link with Real Sellers/Allotment Holders/Refineries.

License No:6001482 / Registration No:RAKFTZA-FZC-4002554